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Holy belly

Our bellies are sacred. I mean, they take care of all the amazing foods we put into our mouths even though they sometimes grumble or are a little rounder than we want them to be. But let’s be honest, they are pretty awesome. The owners of Holybelly, a coffee/breakfast/lunch/fashionable hotspot close to the lovely Canal St. Martin, think so too. Their simple but fresh menu will make your bellies very happy, and the relaxed music and friendly staff will put you in a good mood. A winning recipe.

Rue Lucien Sampaix (10th arrondissement) is quickly becoming one of the most ‘tasty’ streets of Paris. Tuckshop, Bob’s Juice Bar (one of my favourites for fresh juices and yummy soup), and the fabulous bakery Du Pain at des Idées practically around the corner (as well as the pleasant café Craft and all vegan spot Sol Semilla). And now Holybelly has been added to the list. The place gets packed in weekends with Parisians looking for tempting brunch and lunch deals in a pretty environment. And Holybelly offers just that: good food, good coffee and good service with kindness for your wallet. The menu is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and week-day lunch dishes change monthly. When I hopped in the belly for the first time last week, dishes included saag paneer with roasted butternut, pine nuts, and homemade roti bread; a warm salad with roasted Jerusalem artichokes (great veggie), smoked beef, red chicory, and garnished with nuts and; smoked mackerel, pickle relish and Baltic bread and some fresh greens. The card is topped with a week-end special and their regulars which include eggs to your liking with sides of your choice (their holy baked beans and hash browns are delicious), pancakes Americano style (oh they are gooood), porridge, and bread with jam and vegemite.

As if that isn’t enough, the bellies serve some pretty nice coffee (I wasn’t impressed with their chai coffee though, too much milk) and make a mean Bloody Mary (which gets you in a really fine mood ha!). The decoration is rustic simplistic with lots of white, wood, a large kinfolk-like table (to share with strangers, a great way of making new friends), a cool sofa corner, and a one and only pinball machine – a rare find nowadays. Staff is lovely, correct, chatty, and give you good menu recommendations. In short, nothing truly negative to point out. Breakfast dishes are served the whole day during weekends (and are a great hangover cure), and I even liked their sliding toilet door made from thick wood. A total random detail but it just shows how much I liked it. That is, a lot.

Holybelly is located at 19 rue Lucien Sampaix in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Phone: 09-73601364 (although they might be too busy serving great food and being awesome to answer!). Eggs and sides are 12,50€ (standard price) and served with great bread, breakfast dishes are 5-13€, week-day lunch between 12 and 15€, and coffees from 2,50€. Their Bloody Mary (as designed by the mix-masters from Lockwood) is 10 euros which is actually a good deal b/c she comes in a big glass. Check out their complete menu here. Open Thursdays to Mondays from 9h (10 in the weekend) to 18h and closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Note that Holybelly does not take any reservations. The café is located in a very nice part of Paris, close to the St. Martin canal that is surrounded with hip bars and restaurants. Make sure to check out the neighborhood…

Happy belly everyone!


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