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Going back to zen

Life sometimes just flies by me without me even noticing that I am on the bandwagon. You know that feeling? Your automatic pilot is on and you realize a little less what is happening all around you, losing perspective on what matters (thinking career over social life), failing to see the beauty in life (yes, that is possible in Paris) and basically living in metro-boulot-dodo mode as they say in […]

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The best invention since the internet

Yes, that’s a bold statement to make – I know. But I seriously think it is. What? The e-reader. It’s absolutely magnificent, a very fine piece of technology, and simply one of the most practical  and useful devices of the last few decades. Whoever came up with the idea of an e-reader, deserves some sort of ‘you are totally awesome’ award. I just quickly googled the e-reader inventor and Bob […]

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