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This is my first review post of an eatery on this blog. I plan to write many more whenever I discover a new spot to eat, drink, lunch, munch, dine or wine. I will share my experience, describe the ambiance, tell you the price range, and whether service was top-notch or just terrible. I’ll start with a café/cake/bake/cocktail and petit food spot (all in one!) in the 2nd arrondissement of […]

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Every person has a story to tell

I am kind of obsessed with the blog Humans of New York (HONY). Do you know it? The site provides a glimpse into the lives of strangers in New York City. Brandon Stanton (the blogger slash photographer) collected thousands of photos (and is still doing so) and a short story or quote of people in NYC. The result: a ‘catalog’ of the city’s inhabitants and a little peek into their […]

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Merci Paris!

It’s been over four years that I’ve been living in the City of Love and Lights. And with all my travels the last two months, from New Zealand to Sydney to London to Southern France and a quick visit to my home town in the Netherlands, I am starting to appreciate this city even more than I already did. I realise that while Paris is a big city, it is […]

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A bad week?

Last week has not been the best for me. No devastating events have happened – no loved ones have passed away, no disastrous health news, no painful break-ups, no family quarrels, no traffic accidents or worse. None of that, and I still think it has been a bad week. For me. While life in general is pretty gentle with me, I feel it has been less so last week. It […]

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